President’s Message

                                          FROM THE PRESIDENT

                                          SWJTU, located in Chengdu of Sichuan Province, shares with the region with a reputation for the glory of the place and land of abundance. With three campuses of 5000 acres in total size accommodating thousands of students, the university has turned into a higher institution covering engineering, science, humanities and law, etc. Throughout centenary operation, the university has long been adherent to the tradition of "Conscientious Scholarship and Stringent Requirement". Despite migrations of several times, the university has been practicing the mission of "Cultivating Talents; Engaging in Scholarship; Serving the Society; and Transmitting Culture". Well grounded, the university lays a solid foundation to dedicate itself for the revival of the country. Experiencing alternations and hardships, the university has shown great tenacity in overcoming difficulties on the road to progress. Proud of its engineering talents all across the land, the university has committed itself to the country through science and technology. Being passionate about railway, SWJTU has determined to build itself into a world-class research-oriented university.


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