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                                          The delegation of University of Strathclyde visits SWJTU


                                          On the afternoon of July 13, Assistant to the President Wang Xiaoru met Douglas Brodie, Vice President of University of Strathclyde and Lin Fan, Director of the Office of Foreign Affairs at the complex building of Xipu Campus.

                                          Wang Xiaoru expressed welcome to the visitors and made a brief introduction of the historic evolution, school-running orientation, discipline characteristics and other basis information of SWJTU. She said that although our university was renowned for science and engineering, it has always been paying attention to the development of humanities, especially focusing on strengthening Chinese and foreign people-to-people exchanges as a carrier to promote the international spread of Chinese. She hoped that the two universities would actively build a pragmatic and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship, and strive to explore and promote the substantive cooperation in exchanges of students and teachers, and jointly establishing an international Chinese language training center under the framework of the Sino-British high-level people-to-people exchange mechanism.


                                          Vice President Douglas Brodie expressed his good intention to establish a pragmatic cooperation relationship between the two universities, and made a brief introduction to the school-running history, subject setting and other information of the University of Strathclyde. He said that, the two universities may first carry out the "3+1" double degree program at the undergraduate level, and promote the cooperation between the two universities in other fields based on two-way flow of students. Then Lin Fan introduced the basic situation of scientific and featured Scottish Confucius classroom as well as the cooperation with our school in international education of Chinese language. She hoped that the two universities would actively explore and jointly build featured Confucius classroom and Chinese courses to create a new model for teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

                                          Ren Xinhong, Director of the Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges, Wang Pengfei, Vice Dean of School of Foreign Languages, and Liu Bo, Director of the Department of International Education of Chinese Language accompanied were present.


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