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                                          Yang Dan meets the delegation led by Sheng Jinxi Chairman of Blooms Hangwen Railway Co., Ltd.


                                          On the morning of September 27, President Yang Dan met the delegation led by Sheng Jinxi Chairman of Blooms Hangwen Railway Co., Ltd. visiting SWJTU at Reception Room 612 of complex building in Xipu Campus. Vice President Zhu Jianmei and leaders of relevant functional departments and offices of SWJTU attended the meeting.

                                          Chairman Sheng Jinxi first introduced to President Yan Dan the specific situation of Blooms Hangwen Railway Co., Ltd. as a demonstration project of national PPP construction in terms of equity setting, governance structure and demonstration significance. Vice President Zhu Jianmei introduced the situation of exchanges and communication with Blooms in the early stage, and introduced the preliminary cooperation consensus reached in the same period. Other personnel of Blooms Hangwen Railway Co., Ltd. introduced the concept of cooperation between the two sides and the support of university running from Zhejiang and other local governments.

                                          President Yang Dan first welcomed the delegation of Chairman Sheng. He pointed out that Blooms Hangwen Railway Co., Ltd. chose to invest in the railway industry and participated in the pilot of reform in the national railway ownership system, which is a manifestation of noble spirit. In the context of a powerful transportation country, especially the day before yesterday, General Secretary Xi Jinping took the rail vehicle to attend the operation ceremony of Daxing Airport, which shows the important position of the rail transit industry in economic development. The company has a long-term strategic vision in making choice. President Yang Dan pointed out that the university should consider from two basic aspects when it carries out cooperation: one is Delta, which means where the increment is; and the other is the improvement in the core competitiveness of both parties. Blooms Hangwen Railway Co., Ltd., located in the Yangtze River Delta region with economic development advantages, possesses a mixed ownership demonstration project in railway construction projects. He was quite optimistic about the cooperation, and personally believed that the university should actively participate in the project and both parties may choose to cooperate in the direction of new systems and intelligentization of railways and urban rails. However, SWJTU should mainly put forth efforts on scientific research and scientific and technological R & D, and make R&D in front-end basic theories and core technologies. SWJTU should not be too much involved in engineering construction and should regard the cooperation as an extension of our advanced theories and technologies instead to form a R&D center that serves the industry and enjoys core competitiveness on this basis in order to provide increment for the development of SWJTU and complement each other. In terms of cooperation in running schools and talent training, Yang Dan pointed out that the cooperation between the two sides should be aimed at training high-end technical backbone for the industry. He also pointed out that the cooperation between SWJTU and Blooms Hangwen Railway Co., Ltd. should strive for the support of the local government and the national department, because this cooperation actually takes on the national mission and has a new demonstrative influence on the field. Finally, he expressed his gratitude for the visit of Chairman Sheng of Blooms Hangwen Railway Co., Ltd. and hoped that both sides could further implement details, reach consensus and achieve win-win results.


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